mardi 27 janvier 2015

Exquisite Woods - Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery

"Exquisite Woods" à la Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery  de Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
Du 18 janvier au 15 mars 2015

Exposition de sculpture céramique dont je suis l'une des quatre exposantes dans ce magnifique espace . On y voit aussi le travail de Hilde Lambrechts — Paula Murray – et Grace Nickel.

Commissaire: Christian Bernard Singer

Marie-Andrée Côté’s work has long been inspired by an ever-changing natural world, and more recently, by her observations of the Rivière-du-Nord, the Saint Lawrence River and the ocean. In L’Eau dans tous ses états (Water in all of its States), the sculptor and ceramicist explores symbolic expressions of water with an ecological sensibility. Given that water is at the heart of all that lives on the planet,  her works provide a contextual grounding for the rest of the exhibition. Working with a minimalist restraint, Côté expertly manifests microcosmic and macrocosmic observations of water in all of its forms while evoking such ecological consequences of human activities as floods, droughts, land reclamation, shoreline erosion and contamination. Yet, even within these tales of devastating loss, there is a quiet meditative beauty that searches for healing and renewal.

Photographies: Marie-Andrée Côté

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